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We Are

The Team

We are a group of business leaders, economists, artists, public relations pros, and civic minded Canadians

What We Do

We equip Canadians with evidence-based narratives that basic income is good for the economy

The Fund

We fund campaigns and research to facilitate the spread of economic narratives in support of  basic income

March 16, 2020


Demand an Emergency Basic Income in Canada

An estimated 30-70% of Canadians will be infected with COVID-19. We know that basic income improves health outcomes, resulting in fewer hospitilizations, fewer visits to health practitioners, and reduced food insecurity.  To ensure that we can all confidently follow the public health measures that this pandemic demands, we call on the federal government to institute an emergency basic income.

September 2019

Economic Contribution of the Canada Child Benefit:

A Basic Income Guarantee for Canadian Families with Children

Canada has a national-scale unconditional basic income in place for people with children, it is called the Canada Child Benefit. It’s good for families and it is good for the economy. This new paper released Sept 19 by the Canadian Center for Economic Analysis shows us how it works.

Proof Points You Can Share Right Now

Our Projects & Campaigns

120 Canadian CEOs Say UBI is Urgent

In Oct 2018 we organized the launch of the Canadian CEOs for Basic Income with a letter signed by over 120 Canadian CEOs with combined corporate incomes of over $2.3B CAD.   The letter lays the economic arguments for basic income and asked Doug Ford to not cancel the Ontario Pilot.  The founders and CEOs who understand the issues overwhelmingly support a basic income in Canada.   

1.2M Canadian Families already get a Basic Income and it has grown the economy

Since 2016,  Canada has already had a basic income for people with children and it has grown the economy and created jobs while inflation has been low.  Over 1.2M families get an average of $680/month through the Canada Child Benefit.  

105,000 People Got A Basic Income and Kept Working

The reply every advocate needs when responding to doubts about whether people will work, or calls for more pilots.  We don’t need more pilots.  Professor Richard Gilbert conducted a meta study of 16 basic income trials in the last 50 years found that there was no work disincentive.  

What We’re Working On Next
Researching the Economic Contribution of the Canada Child Benefit

The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is a national-scale basic income that is running right now. Over 1.2 million families are currently receiving an average of $680 per month which has already lifted 300,000 children out of poverty.

We have commissioned the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis (CANCEA) to study the impact of this policy on working Canadian families and the national economy. We are interested in how one of the largest and most successful basic income programs in the world affects job growth, GDP, and the well-being of Canadians.

Researching the Impact of a Full UBI on the Canadian Economy

According to the Roosevelt Institute  a basic income of $1000 per month to every adult in the United States would create 4.5 million jobs and grow the economy by 13%, statistics frequently cited by U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

 UBI Works will commission a forecast by a Canadian research institute to project the impact of a full basic income on the Canadian economy. We will then share this data to better inform the current debate and equip Canadians with the best possible data.

Costing Plans for a Basic income in Canada

How do you pay for it? UBI Works will commission the full costing of several funding models for a universal basic income in Canada. We will examine a full range of taxation structures which the aim of showcasing that UBI is reasonable, affordable and economically sound.

Launching a Specific Basic Income Proposal to Rally Canadians Around

As pundits like to say, one of the reasons why basic income is so popular is because nobody has agreed on what it is. UBI Works will organize a non-partisan policy option in the form of a specific basic income proposal for Canada. We will organize a national campaign to build awareness, education, and support for this policy..

Our Belief 

We believe that UBI works as a key building block in the realization of a human-centred capitalism that promotes innovation as well as the social and economic well-being of individuals, families, and communities across Canada.

We understand that the changing nature of work, driven by technology and globalization, has created many opportunities for the improvement of human life.

However, the gains from technological innovation have been highly uneven, with technological job displacement polarizing the economy: creating more low income jobs than high income jobs and splitting cities and provinces into large low income regions and select higher income regions, as middle class jobs continue to be displaced.

  • Universal Basic Income is an innovation policy: it recaptures  our risk tolerance:  unlocking the opportunity for everyone to take bigger risks, think long term, and create.
  • A Universal Basic Income defends equality of opportunity & self-reliance in a world where technological job displacement is reducing incomes for many.
  • A Universal Basic Income guarantees there is no longer a “working poor” ensuring that ongoing technological innovation is directed at preserving and expanding a middle class way of life for everyone.
  • UBI is an economic need that puts markets in service to humanity, installing the plumbing into capitalism that adds resilience and robustness to the economy, ensuring everyone can fully participate to their potential.
  • Universal Basic Income abolishes poverty and reduces human suffering as well as all reducing the costs of poverty to society. 

Mission and Team

Our Mission

To shift the conversation about basic income to recognize it as an economic need and economic opportunity, with the goal of seeing UBI implemented in Canada.

Our Vision

We can realize the compassionate potential of capitalism to end poverty, reduce violence, and secure our personal freedoms.


Our Why

We want a Canada where everyone can pursue their potential and not be held back by basic material constraints or unsafe environments.


Floyd Marinescu

Executive Director

CEO, C4 Media

Paul Vallée


CEO, Pythian

Philippe Chabot

Artist & Researcher

Humans Vs. Machine

Ben Earle

General Manager

Social Policy Expert

Liam Wilkinson

Public Relations

Lisa OBorne

Scrum Master

Jessie Golem

Writer & Researcher

Humans of Basic Income

Ken Yang

Content Manager

UBI Works

Richard Pereira


Financing Basic Income

Works’ Supporters

Andrew Yang, US Presidential Candidate, Venture for America Founder

James Tonn, Exponential Ventures Founder, formerly CEO of Podium Publishing 

Alon Ozery, CEO of Ozery Bakery, We make natural pitas, flatbreads and alternative buns sold in North America.

Giovanni Marsico, Creator & CEO ArchAngel Summit, 1000+ attendee conference of visionary leaders and entrepreneurs

James Wallace, Exponential Ventures Co-Founder, Former CEO Tribe OS, Digital Advertising Platform

Steve Hulford, CEO Underknown, Creator of WhatIF, INSH, video channels: 1.1B watched minutes

Steve Dyck, President of Guelph Solar, Clean Energy for your Home and Business.

Phil Carvaglio, Co-Founder of Precision Nutrition, Home of the World’s Top Nutrition Coaches.

Sunny Verma, CEO & Founder Tutor BrightTutoring Service That Gives Your Child An Academic & Mentorship Plan

Paul Vallee, CEO of Pythian, Technology Services Company specializing in AI & Cloud Infrastructure 

Barbara Boraks,  Executive Director, Christian Jewish Dialogue of TorontoSteering Committee member

Mike Perry, Lawyer, Executive Dirctor, City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team

Rob Rainer, Councilor, Tay Valley Township

Mike Brcic,  CEO Sacred Rides, “#1 Mountain Bike Tour Company on Earth” – National Geographic Adventure

Aaron Lowell, CEO Cannex, Pricing Information for Annuity and Bank Products Across North America

Sol Orwell, CEO Examine, Nutrition and Supplement Information Based on Science

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